• Open tournament for players of all nations.
  • Tournament system is McMahon with SOS, SODOS, a 4 dan bar, a supergroup, the bottom bar at 20 kyu, even games.
  • The supergroup will consist of the 24 European Championship participants plus an even number (at least 8) additional strongest players (selected only from those who registered to play in both weeks)
  • The thinking time is the same for both players and depends on the higher ranked player as follows:

4 dan - 8 dan: 2.5 hours basic time + 3x1 minute byoyomi   

3 kyu - 3 dan: 2 hours basic time + 3x40 seconds byoyomi

4 kyu or below: 1.5 hours basic time + 3x30 seconds byoyomi

  • Forms and checklists are used for results, sealing, dropping and names. Sealing a move is possible between 12:00 and 14:00 (no more than one hour) according to the tournament rules. The participants can decide to drop a next round which they announce to the organizers by filling in a dropping form by 23:00 the day before the round.
  • Prizes go to the top 10 players who have played all tournament rounds and to players with at least 8 wins.
  • Penalties: A player not playing a round without proper notification can be expelled from the tournament. This ensures that all players actually have opponents.