The training competitions of the Russian national Go team consist of 5 stages (4 online and 1 offline) and are held in order to prepare for the World Cup in Vladivostok.
Stage 2 is the second online tournament of the Russian national sports team in this series.
This training event is attended by members of the Russian national team and highly qualified European players:
1. Yakovlev-Chernyshev Vasily (KGS – Basil1; SKYPE – 6fba30df4dd9ac8a);
2. Kaymin Vyacheslav (KGS-albatros; SKYPE-slava-kaymin );
3. Yegor Lavrov (KGS-LavEgor; SKYPE-Egor Lavrov);
4. Nemly Igor (KGS-Estryx; SKYPE-estryx );
5. Dmitry Surin (KGS-dimasurin; SKYPE-dmitrii surin);
6. Khusainov Askar (KGS-askarkzn; SKYPE-a74300c9280fca2b );
7. Frejlak Stanislaw (KGS – Siasio; SKYPE – mastach10);
8. Lin Viktor (KGS – Sandmann ; SKYPE – sandy11125).

The venue of the competition is the KGS server, the "Alexey Lazarev GO teaching room".
The tournament system is Swiss in 4 rounds.
The main time control is 60 minutes.
Additional time control (bayomi) – 30 seconds. (3 periods).
Komi is 6.5 points.
The color definition is nigiri.
If the points are equal, additional criteria for the distribution of places are:
1) coefficient Buchholz (SOS);
2) coefficient Berger (SODOS).

Standings with results and draw –

Tournament schedule:
February 13
15: 00 — 1st round
19: 00 — 2nd round
February 14
15: 00 — 3rd round
19: 00 — 4th round

Online competitions are held in accordance with the Rules of the sport "go", approved by the order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation No. 815 of November 5, 2020.
The player is awarded a defeat if he is late for the round by more than 5 minutes.
Before the start of each round, players are encouraged to communicate with each other via Skype in order to make sure that the anti-cheating rules are followed.
Participants must keep a video recording of the games with sound.
The procedure for the video recording of the game is described in paragraph 7.4 of the Rules of the sport "go".

To confirm participation in the training competition, athletes must complete the pre-registration procedure on the tournament page.

Senior coach of the Russian national sports team
Lazarev Alexey
phone: +79212247624 (WhatsApp),
Skype: Alexey Lazarev2
email address: