Central Go School DAILY Grand Prix
with the support of the Moscow Go Federation (mfgo.ru)

The goals of the tournament are:
- to expand the geography of go players
- improvement of go skills.

A great request to all the participants - review your game with your opponent!

The pairing is published on KGS (Central Go School room) 30 minutes before the round starts (link to online copy will be published later).

Conditions: McMagon System, 5 rounds, 1 round per day. Time control 30 minutes + 3x30 sec.
The tournament is not rated. KGS games are rating or free (but not private)!

Passing the round is allowed - the judge should be warned in advance (at least 1 hour before the round).
All registered for the tournament automatically accept this rule.

Games are played on KGS: Social -> Central Go School (open room)

Check-in: until 13:00 on March 23 (Monday).

Schedule (Moscow time, GMT + 3):

March 23 - 1 round at 14:00

March 24 - 2 round at 14:00

March 25 - 3 round at 14:00

March 26 - 4 round at 14:00

March 27 - round 5 at 14:00

1. The schedule may be changed during the tournament
2. The game may be played later by agreement of the opponent
IMPORTANT: do not forget to wash your hands with soap! ))

Organizer of the competition: Central School of Go (contacts on the website central-go-school.ru)

Referee: Viacheslav Kaymin, +7 925 245-56-91, kayminv@gmail.com

No tournament fee for foreigners.